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Mr. Muskovy

Dad is a fine looking 7k Duck or Goose?

Muscovy Ducks.

When is a duck not a duck?

When it is a Muscovy or cairina moschate, this duck unlike all our other ducks did not originate from the Mallard duck but came from Mexico and Central and South America where it can be found wild. That statement alone says a lot for the breed it has not had its natural instincts bred out. In fact it makes a good broody and will sit on her eggs for the 35 days required to hatch them. So 35 days to hatch its eggs not 28 like other ducks, no quack just a hiss like a goose despite its size it can and will fly, but not if you cut the flight feathers on one wing. The male is about 76cm long or 30 inches on the old scale. Weighing up to 7 kg or 15 lb. and tasting like a mixture of the best Viel steak and duck. Females are about half the size of a male. They love to hunt flies as a group or would it be a gaggle? Because in fact they are more of a Goose than a duck.

Muskovy mum with ducklings

Mum hatched and brought up 17 ducklings out of 21 eggs.

Muskovy ducks nest with eggs

We dont collect eggs when we want a broody Muscovy

broody muskovy

A broody Muscovy


Muscovy ducklings it would take a hard person not to say cute!


The Muscovy dose not lay a huge amount of eggs so if its eggs you want go for another breed or our special cross Monroe Duck. But for meat this is the one, the ducklings can be butchered as early as 10 weeks at 2.5k to 3.5k. For a stronger tasting bigger bird at 12 weeks, this is our choice age. Sorry they don’t get to be cute for very long but we do keep our breeding stock for as long as we can. We do not sell eggs as they can be hard to incubate in an incubator and we only use broody Mrs Muscovy’s, to hatch, but may have young Ducks for sale at times. If you are trying to get a Muscovy to go broody within the run where they are kept place a few great places to nest, tea chest sized wooden boxes, old tables with 3 sides closed in etc. When the duck starts to lay in one of these leave the eggs [our choice] she may still be three weeks before going broody, or replace them with dummy eggs while keeping her egg safe and cool, but not in the fridge,¬† plus ¬†turning them twice to three times per day. She will go broody when there are about 15 to 18 eggs. When she starts to line the nest with white down you are getting close to her being broody. Now broody and sitting tight you can just replace the dummy eggs with her eggs and leave her, just before dark is best. Or as we do make a pen round her nesting box and put an auto feed and water container in. This then keeps the young ducks contained for the first 3 weeks, before we open them up to the big bad World. The other option is to remove the male as you will only have one for up to six femails to another run as they can be heavy footed on the young and bother mum on the nest."Change and check the water often., they drink drink drink!" Best choice put in a two level water nipple system.


Our fertile eggs are collected twice daily in Albany Western Australia Contact 08 9844 3177