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Water nipples

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Fertile Guineafowl Barnevelder Chicken and Duck hatching eggs Albany Denmark WA.

Hi my name is Jonathan, my Wife and I live on the banks of the Kalgan River near Albany in Western Australia. I spent the first 20 years of life as an English country boy hunting shooting and fishing, hence a good start in what has become our self-sufficient life style, which we enjoy. I trained English Springer Spaniel’s to flush game for the guns and had one of the best working dogs in England. What has this got to with fertile eggs? Breeding breeding breeding, for working results not show. So today we breed Barnevelder chickens to lay eggs that are like their ancestors were big brown and speckled. They are disease resistant, good meat birds to eat if you choose to and that will lay some eggs in the winter months as well as do so for many years. We also keep ducks and Guinea fowl for eggs and meat. Again not for show despite the fact they look beautiful our ducks are a cross designed for meat and eggs. Our Muskovy ducks dont seem to need much of our help to breed. Last but not least our Guinea fowl are great little gardeners and watch birds. We only sell our excess eggs so would rather sell you a few dozen good fresh eggs rather than a lot of not so good.

Air sac development

chicken water nipples

Air sac development

Seen above is the perfect air sac development which a natural mother hen or duck nearly always achieves when she is sitting on the eggs; unfortunately we struggle to do as well with incubators. It is achieved by exact humidity and temperature control. Plus of course Mum goes on to bring her chicks up keeping them warm and safe as well as teaching them all she knows which in our case includes how to get water from a water nipple. Commercially incubators and broody boxs are the only real way for large scale production but for small scale we stay as close to nature as possible. Have a look on your children and Grand kids faces when they see a nest of young chicks! They will grow up understanding where eggs and God forbid even Kentuckey fried comes from!

LEFT. Silkey mum with a 12 week old Duck, she brought up 14. Note water nipple in back ground. These not only save huge amounts of time but give clean water on demand 24/ 7.

RIGHT. Mrs. Muskovy lays 21 eggs of which she hatched 17 and she brought them all up succesfully.

Muskovy Duck with Ducklings

Incubators versus broody.

With modern technology it’s hard to believe that a back yard chook can be smarter than a computer, which is more or less what a modern automatic incubator is. But you try and hatch out 18 Muscovy ducks eggs as well as Mrs. Duck does but even then the broody chicken or duck goes on to keep its offspring’s warm and safe teach them how to hunt and scratch. As you look on sipping your home made wine or what ever else you want to do. We use both broody chickens and incubators to hatch our fowl but I much prefer whenever possible to, like fresh Oysters go natural!


Silkey hatched one chick brought up 15

Broody Hens and incubators part part.bee flys bye

A Silky hen is one if not the best broodys there is, but she has a problem. Size wise that is, she cannot hatch many big eggs out at once. Five chicken or four Ducks and six Guinea Fowl etc. So you have some eggs you want to hatch and she is not broody! OK all may not be lost this is what we do. Leave several dummy eggs at all times in her nest box it encourages her to go broody. Put the fertile eggs into the incubator and as long as a hen goes broody in the next 18 days take her dummy eggs from her at dusk and replace with one or two of yours out the incubator, gently quietly without stress. When her eggs and yours hatch each night palm you’re newly hatched from the incubator under her. This works for us but no guarantees if she pecks them take them away and use a brooder box. The hen on the left hatched one barnevelder chick but brought up fifteen. The hen on the right hatched one duckling and brought up fourteen. We live in a climate which is mediterranean not to cold at night this helps dictate how many chicks she can keep warm.

broody hen

Broody sits on Guinea Fowl eggs

Hi Margie! xxxx

Anest of fertile chicken eggs

Fertile eggs in a nest.

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Good luck Jonathan


Our fertile eggs are collected twice daily in Albany Western Australia Contact 08 9844 3177