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About our Fertile Guinea fowl eggs for sale in Albany WA

Plus how to tell the sex of a guinea fowlbees in wa

Sexing Guinea Fowl the hard way.

sexing guinea fowl

Looking very carefuly at the wattle and horn you can tell the sexes apart.

Sexing Guinea Fowl the easy way.

Albany Guineafowl

Females have a red ring on their right leg the males have a green ring on their left leg.

Our Guineafowl are fed a high protein diet apart from what insects seeds plants fruit bugs they get as they free range in the day, they are quite tame due to regular contact with people and our dog but know if there is someone or something, Hawk Fox new car etc. on the property and make a lot of noise at that point. This makes our chickens and Ducks aware as well. I have had Guineafowl on and off for over 40 years but don’t claim to be an expert. I can however share my experiences with anyone buying eggs which may help them.

Some Guineafowl facts and hints.

1. Guinea Fowl can be spelt Guinea Fowl or Guineafowl, both are correct.

2. Sexing a Guineafowl. 1 have been blessed with great eyesight and vision but apart from very few times when you see Guinea Fowl mate vision does not help much, with the exception that females tend to perch or stay higher than males. I have been told that the males have bigger wattles and horn on the heads but I still can’t see this difference in any I have had. For me there are two ways to tell, one the females have a red ring on their right leg and the males have a green ring on their left leg. Two, back to hearing, now all is crystal clear! A high pitched chic chic chic chic is heard from both male and females but sometimes the females go on to say comeback comeback comeback. At which stage you catch her and put a red ring on her right leg. When none of the remaining birds without rings say comeback, catch them and put a green ring on their left leg. By changing the colours each season, if you breed them you can also tell their age.

3. Great guard dogs and gardeners. Guinea Fowl are good for snake and insect control because they eat all the above. Bigger snakes will be driven away if you have several fowl, as they surround the snake and attack as one. As guard dogs they won’t cry out when you come home but will alarm, chic chic chic chic, at anything or one new. Their cry also warns each other and your Ducks and chooks if there is Eagle Hawk Fox Cat etc. But at the same time our dog walks in amongst them no worries. In a sad politically correct world I have heard that they are used as alarm guards instead of dogs because they don’t bite thieves and therefore there is less chance of the thief suing you! SAD. If guns are made criminal only criminals will have guns!

4. News flash! You can teach an old dog new tricks. I was just sitting on a log down the paddock when two of my Guinea fowl landed one each side of me, one said comeback and the other said chic chic chic chic. So I took a rare opportunity knowing one was a female and the other a male to try and spot the difference. Guess what after 40 years I know how to sex a guinea fowl. The male has a slightly bigger more upright horn plus the white part of the facial wattle is a whiter white. The female has a very slightly smaller horn that slopes backwards and her white is not as bright. I will now have to wait and watch to see what age this shows.

$40 a dozen for fertile Guineafowl eggs, you collect.

Ring 08 98443177 and ask for Jonathan

Guiney and Keats

Quiet Keats he is not joking did you hear what happened to Mr. Keating? Mind the horse!

Male Guinea Fowl


pic to come.

Female Guinea Fowl


pic to come.

How to sex a Guinea Fowl at a glance.

Roast Guineafowl

Mr. Keating got roasted!

Laying well

A fowl bunch.

Chicken in Albany

red and green guineas

I said it was a red ring not face!

Abbott and Keating

500 more kids and I am out of here.

Wildlife in Albany Western Australia
What do Guineafowl and politicians have in common? Nothing Guinea Fowl are nice, useful and make sense plus when they do make a lot of noise it is for a good reason!



Yes we really do sell Guineafowl eggs, 08 9844 3177


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A Frog

Good Luck, Jonathan.


Our fertile eggs are collected twice daily in Albany Western Australia Contact 08 9844 3177