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Fertile Duck eggs special cross Albany Denmark WA.

Ducks and Alsatian dogs.

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The Monroe Duck.
Fertile Duck eggs for sale, Peking Khaki Campbell Indian runner special cross the "Monroe" as we call it has our own standard, dressing out at two to two and a half kilo table weight while being free range with no artificial light and laying up to 300 eggs per year. We have developed this Duck by breeding what we want in a Duck, size, egg laying, temperament and got good looking by chance. Plus they are great for garden pets no more snail problems, as you may have gathered by now this web page is about more than selling a few dozen eggs, so what’s the connection between Ducks and German Shepard’s [Alsatians] breeding breeding breeding. As a child we had a most wonderful guard dog who as a 4 to 14 year old boy was my great mate, but with several years left in him his back legs gave way, it’s called hip displacement and is a most terrible cruel condition caused by dog breeders, because some one likes a sloping back in the breed! If you raise and eat one of your own Ducks or Chickens a lot of plastic people will say. ‘’How could you” At the same time the poor dog walking beside them can hardly breathe because someone said it should have a face that looks like it ran into a tree! So our aim is to get back to breeding Ducks etc. that not only look good but lay lots of eggs possibly more than 300 plus per year and are good on the table. What we call our special Cross comes from a base of Peking, Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner. The Monroe is so called because they are beautiful, well dressed and good on the table, mainly blond have big breasts and lay well! They won’t however win any shows, except perhaps Master Chef!!




Our fertile eggs are collected twice daily in Albany Western Australia Contact 08 9844 3177